Drainage pumps for loaded waters with single-channel centrifugal impeller, entirely made in cast iron.
These pumps, thanks to the type of impeller, generate a high head.
These pumps are designed for extremely heavy use and for pumping liquids with a high amount of suspended solids.
The sealing system consists of two mechanical seals lubricated in oil chamber.
The descent system for automatic coupling to the delivery piping is available.
Pump body cast iron
Impeller cast iron
Mechanical seal double seal with oil barrier: silicon carbide on pump
side, ceramic-graphite on motor side
Motor shaft stainless steel AISI 304
Passage of solids 50 mm
45 mm
Depht of immersion max 20 bar
Liquid temperature 0 - 40 °C
Cable H07 RNF, 10 m
Bolts A2 stainless steel
Foot support galvanized iron
Gaskets NBR rubber
2 pole induction motor
in oil bath
3~ 230/400V-50Hz P≤4kW
3~ 400/690V-50Hz P>4kW
1~ 230V-50Hz required starter capacitor (35μF for 1,5HP model, 50μF for 2HP model)
Insulation class F
Protection degree IP68
50Hz catalog
Model Q max (m3/h) Hmax (m) Power P2 (HP) Download the PDF
FM160 54 15 1,50 Download
FM210 60 18 2,00 Download
FM310T 66 22 3,00 Download
FM410T 72 25 4,00 Download
FM550T 78 28 5,50 Download
FM1000T 144 31 10,00 Download
60Hz catalog
Model Q max (m3/h) Hmax (m) Power P2 (HP) Download the PDF
FM160_60HZ 54 16 1,50 Download
FM210_60HZ 60 19 2,00 Download
FM310T_60HZ 66 23 3,00 Download
FM410T_60HZ 72 26 4,00 Download
FM560T_60HZ 78 30 5,50 Download